World TB Day

World TB Day 2014: Monday, March 24

World TB DayEach year, World TB Day is observed to commemorate the discovery of the bacillus that causes tuberculosis. On this day around the world, people who are affected by and work with tuberculosis come together to discuss their work and support the worldwide TB control efforts.

As a convener of the Metropolitan Chicago TB Consortium, we hosted a celebration for the annual World TB Day on March 24.


Although TB does not affect as many people in Chicago as when Respiratory Health Association was formed in 1906, it is still a major health threat to many people, particularly in some lesser developed parts of the world and those who are immunosuppressed.

More than 60 health care professionals attended the event to discuss current TB statistics, TB as a co-infection and efforts to address TB in at-risk groups.

Speakers included:
  • Fredrick L. Echols, MD, Section Chief for Communicable Disease, of Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Kathy Ritger, MD, MPH, Medical Director of TB/CD Programs, Chicago Department of
    Public Health
  • Demian Christiansen, DSc, MPH, Assistant Unit Director and Tuberculosis Program
    Manager, Cook County Department of Public Health
  • John F. Nawrocki, PhD, Senior Public Service Administrator, Section Chief of Molecular
    Diagnostics and Mycobacteriology, Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Arlene Ryndak, MPH, RN, Director of Disease Prevention, Kane County Health
  • Carrie Storrs, RN, MPH, CPH, TB Program, Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Nadeen Israel, Policy Associate, Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights 

 For more information, contact the Metropolitan Chicago Tuberculosis Coalition line:
(312) 628-0252