State Lung Health Education Day

Lawmakers Hear Constituent Concerns in Springfield

RHA staff and supporters pose in the Illinois State Capitol

On Thursday, April 6, 2017, a busload of our staff and advocates traveled to Springfield for RHA's State Lung Health Education Day 2017 and met with dozens of lawmakers. Click here to see the event photo album.

Participants were able to share their perspectives of living with lung disease and express support for tobacco control funding, a statewide Tobacco 21 law, and clean energy policies. Whether the message came from a concerned parent, COPD patient advocate, or teenagers asking for a better future, our lawmakers now have a greater understanding of how their decisions impact lung health.

Special thanks to Michael W. Frerichs, Illinois State Treasurer, who joined our group for lunch and shared an overview of his responsibilties in state government.

Pictured here are Illinois Senator Napoleon Harris with RHA advocates Michael Johnson, Dorothy Williams and Michael Johnson.

As a direct result of conversations, Senator Harris and others have signed on to co-sponsor our lung-friendly policies. Your voice makes a difference! Thanks to all of the advocates who joined us last week and to you for your continued support of these important policy change initiatives.

Click here to view the event photo album.