Smoke-free Housing for Property Managers & Condo Associations

Everyone deserves to breathe clean air, especially at home. In a multi-unit building, 35 to 65 percent of the air in any given unit is shared air from other units and common areas. No air ventilation system or air purifier can remove all of the toxins found in cigarette smoke, so residents are breathing in what their neighbors are breathing out.

Going smoke-free doesn’t mean that you don’t allow residents who smoke. Simply put, a smoke-free building is one in which smoking is not permitted in any indoor units or common areas. Implementing a smoke-free policy is an important way to encourage healthy living and ensure a safer living environment for your tenants.

  • Smoke-free is legal. Just like your policies regarding noise and pets, you can create policies to prohibit smoking to create a better, safer living environment for your tenants.
  • Smoke-free is profitable. Compared with a unit where smoking is allowed, smoke-free units cost significantly less to turn over. Smoking is hard on a building, and owners incur substantial costs from the painting, caulking and general cleaning to remove tobacco odor, plus replacing damaged items such as filters, countertops, carpet, or drapes.
  • Smoke-free is easy. Once implemented, smoke-free policies are generally self-enforcing and require little staff time. By choosing to make your buildings smoke-free, your tenants can breathe easier and you can protect your investment.


Get started today with our smoke-free housing toolkit

If you're interested in going smoke-free, download our Smoke-free housing toolkit.
This packet provides all the information that property managers, owners and condo associations need to transition their buildings to smoke-free, including reasons to go smoke-free and a timeline for implementation.

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