Hustle 2017 Fundraising Success

Thank you to all of the Hustle Up the Hancock 2017 participants for helping Respiratory Health Association EXCEED THE $1 MILLION GOAL for fundraising! Their support means that RHA can do more with educational programs, research endeavors and policy change efforts that help people living with lung disease. RHA is grateful to everyone for climbing, contributing, and asking others to support healthy lungs and clean air for all. The final Hustle 2017 fundraiser thermometer reads:


Congratulations to Our Hustle 2017 Top Fundraisers

Grand Prize Winner: Barry Levenstam - $16,097.00!

Jenner & Block's "Not Ready for Climb Time" team captain and member of RHA's board of directors, Barry raised an incredible total of $16,097.00! This was his 13th climb and a back-to-back finish as Barry was top fundraiser in 2016 as well.

Barry says, "I Hustled to support RHA's crucial advocacy in support of our vital rights to clean air and lung health. With a wife and daughter afflicted by asthma, like so many thousands of others, I know that environmental protections are essential to a truly great future for this country." 

1st Prize Winner: Brad Howard - $7,200.00

A member of Team Sidley, Brad made his 5th climb this year, in honor of his son, Carter, who lives with asthma, and his wife, Monique, a member of RHA's board of directors

2nd Prize Winner: Steve Ferkau - $6,535.00

Beloved captain of the 103-member Kari's Klimbers team, Steve is a double lung transplant who completed his 15th climb this year and dedicated his efforts to his mother-in-law who passed in 2015 of lung cancer.

3rd Prize Winner: Paul Goodman - $5,278.45

Paul was named RHA's 2016 Making A Difference Award winner for his consistent fundraising efforts and support of Hustle Up the Hancock throughout the years.

4th Prize Winner: Robert Weinberg - $5,079.00

Robert climbed to honor his friends and the nursing staff at the Northwestern Lake Forest cardio-pulmonary rehab clinic. He shares, "Helping to raise funds was, for me, a way to return some of the remarkably good fortune I have had in my life."

Lung Health Champions - $1,000+ Level

In addition to the top fundraisers, 80 Hustle participants reached Lung Health Champion status by raising $1,000 or more. RHA appreciates the efforts of these individuals:

Joel Africk
Larry Alfred
Joe Aurelio
Lori Baldwin
Pat Battaglia
Lockton Benefits
Andrew Borg
Francisco Borrayo
Dave Brady
Eli Brunett
Paul Bugner
Rick Burd
Josh Chernoff
Megan Chody
Kip Coco
Paul Detjen MD
Jen Dockendorf
Robert Dockendorf
Jill Donovan
Kevin Dude
Anna Dudkowska

Meghan Duermit
Norman Eckstein
Ted Ellis Sr
Eliot Ephraim
Margaret Essary
Liam Flood
Walter Flood IV
Christopher Fry
Brian Gold
Kathy Gregory
David Grossman
Kathie Gruber Jones
Rob Hannah
Joyce Heringa
Janet Hinkes
Kyle Hogarth
Monique Howard
Carter Howard
Mark Hroncich
Brandy Jerauld
Linda Konop

David Konop
Christina Koukos
Steve Krupowicz
Angelo Ladas
William Lucas
Paul Mastrapa
Kelly McGinnis
Daniel McGivern
Krista Meier
Aimee Moyer
John Moyer
onathan Nii
Jennifer Norka
Sean O'Dell
Ian Piet
Ted Robinson
Ronald Rochon
Dominique Rodgers
Bryan Ross
Darren Ruback
Laurie Ruettimann

Abel Sanchez
Tamara Satterfield
Tom Schaffler
Joe Shoaf
David Sincox
1st Sgt Butch Smith
Robin Spicer
Alan Stocks
Frank Strenk
Vasudha Sullins
Kelsey Swanson
William Tendick
Katherine Tragasz
Tracy Ulmer
Rick Ulmer
Julie Valloni
Thomas Vaughan
Raj Vora
Paul Williams
Derrick Young

20th Anniversary Hamilton Ticket Contest

There were 183 qualifiers for the special 20th Anniversary Hustle Up the Hancock fundraising contest. These individuals received 5 donations of $20 or more between Feb 3 and March 17 and were entered in a drawing to win two tickets to a Chicago performance of Hamilton: An American Musical. Congratulations to the lucky winner orfthe Hamilton ticket drawing, Dominique Rodgers.

If you reached the $750, $500 or $250 fundraising levels, THANK YOU! Your awards will be mailed by May 1, 2017 to the address provided at registration. All race and corporate climb awards will be shipped in the next several weeks.

*All incentive prizes/certificates/gift cards are subject to change; substitutions of equal value may be provided.

Hustle 2017 Race Results are available here.

Hustle 2017 Kodak-Alaris Photo Database instructions here.

Hustle 2017 RHA Event Photography on Flickr here.