Hustle 2017 Kodak Database



New from Kodak-Alaris, Hustle Up the Hancock's professional photography service, is a searchable database of Hustle 2017 start line, stairwell and team photos. You'll need your bib number and these two-part instructions for claiming your photos from the 20th Anniversary event. Kodak has 95% of the photos loaded. *A link to the RHA event photographers' pictures will be sent to you as soon the album is ready.

STEP ONE: Claim photos and create your account.

  1. Visit
  2. On the "Claim" tab, under Guest ID, enter "HUTH" in the left box and your bib number in the right box (i.e. HUTH 1234). Please note: If your bib number has less than 4 numerals, you MUST enter leading zeros (i.e. HUTH 0032).
  3. In "Claim Photos" select the photos you wish to claim, or "Select All"
  4. Select "Claim"
  5. Select "Create Account"
  6. Enter First Name, Last Name, email address, and Password 2 times.
  7. Select "Create Account"
  8. The photos will be accessible on the ‘My Photos' page.

STEP TWO: Download photos.

  1. From the "My Photos" page select "Download Photos"
  2. A download link will be emailed with the subject line "Download Photos Are Ready" to the email address used to create the account. Please allow up to 1 hour for this email to arrive. Check your Spam or Junk folders if the email is not delivered to your inbox after an hour.
  3. Open the email and select "My Account"
  4. Select "My Downloaded Photos"
  5. Select "Download All"
  6. A zip file will be delivered to your computer's Download folder. The folder must be "unzipped" using the "Extract All Files" button.

Kodak-Alaris Customer Service

If you are missing photos, you have several options to locate them.

  • Select ‘Claim More Photos' from the ‘My Photos' page
  • Enter HUTH LOST in the Guest ID fields.
  • Select any lost or missing photos from the LOST collection.

You can also search for lost or missing photos by choosing:

  • Venue: Hustle Up the Hancock 2017
  • Capture Location: (Full Climb, Half Climb etc...)
  • Capture Date: Feb 26, 2017
  • Capture Time: (the approximate time the missing photo was taken)

Or request Customer Service by selecting the ‘Can't Find Photos' hotlink at the bottom of the website and completing the form.

If you need your bib number, email Respiratory Health Association at and include both your first and last name.