Kids say tobacco packaging has more influence than celebrities

Posted: 3/21/2014

From Cancer Research UK:

The power of packaging is twice as likely as celebrities to influence children (40 percent vs 20 percent) when they think about buying a product, according to a new YouGov survey - boosting the argument for putting tobacco in plain standardized packs to discourage children from smoking cigarettes.

Cancer Research UK commissioned the survey which found that children aged eight to 15 are more likely to think that bright, colourful or interesting packaging would tempt them to buy something in a shop (40 per cent) than whether it was made by a well-known company (27 percent), whether the product sponsored an event - such as the Olympics - (15 percent), or even if it had a special point of sale display in store (22 percent).

While only a fifth (20 percent) said seeing a celebrity using a product would make them more likely to buy it, double this number said bright, colorful or interesting packaging would. Read more.