E-cigarettes: should they be regulated as cigarettes?

Posted: 12/4/2013

Dr. Bechara Choucair, Commissioner, Chicago Department of Public Health for the Huff Post:

Should e-cigarettes be regulated as cigarettes?

I think so.

E-cigarettes are designed to look like cigarettes. They are labeled and marketed like cigarettes. They contain nicotine like cigarettes. They should be regulated like cigarettes.

The single most important reason a regulation on e-cigarettes is vital at this time is to protect kids from a product that we know is addictive. Electronic cigarettes now come in dozens of flavors like passion fruit, cotton candy, bubble gum, gummy bear, Atomic Fireball, and orange cream soda. These kid-friendly flavors are an enticing "starter" for youth and non-smokers, increasing nicotine addiction and frequently lead to use of combustible cigarettes. Read more.