Heat-wave induced asthma attacks on rise in infants

Posted: 10/16/2013

From Health Newsline:

Heat waves are linked to higher odds of dehydration and heat strokes. But latest findings suggest that the sudden rise in temperatures can also trigger asthma attacks in infants.

As little is known about the quantitative relationship between extreme weather events and asthma, the findings of the study are valuable, stated Shilu Tong, a professor from QUT's School of Public Health and Social Work and the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation.

"It is vitally important to examine the vulnerability of asthmatic children to climate variability and change. Asthma is one of the most frequent chronic childhood illnesses worldwide, and is one of the most common of the five most frequently reported long-term conditions in Australia for children younger than 15. There's no cure. It is useful to know when attacks are likely to occur, so that health authorities can plan better interventions and treatments," he added. Read more.