Occupants of non-smoking hotel rooms still at risk for third-hand smoke

Posted: 5/20/2013

From Science World Report:

According to a new study published online in Tobacco Control, all non-smoking hotel rooms operating a partial smoking ban fail to protect their occupants from tobacco smoke, as the smoke from other rooms tends to travel from room to room. Even if the room does not have any smoking activity, the effects of tobacco smoke can be felt, and occupants are at the risk of third-hand smoke.

According to the authors, non-smokers should give a wide berth to hotels that fail to protect non-smoking guests from tobacco smoke exposure by operating a partial smoking ban. Rather, the non-smokers should opt for smoke-free hotels.

For this study, researchers analyzed the surface and air quality of rooms in a random sample of budget to mid-range hotels in San Diego, California. This was done to check for tobacco smoke pollution such as nicotine or 3EP, known as third-hand smoking. Read more.