Daley wants to cut down diesel pollution by companies with city contracts

Posted: 3/9/2011

From Chicago Tribune:

Mayor Richard Daley today introduced a plan to cut down diesel gas pollution by companies that receive city contracts by setting progressively stricter diesel emission standards for trucks and other heavy diesel equipment the next several years.

Daley's proposal would require companies that enter into city contracts after June 1 to use ultra low sulfur diesel fuel for heavy-duty vehicles and other equipment used to fulfill the contract.

Contractors also would need to pledge to minimize the amount of time vehicles idle, and comply with the city's anti-idling ordinance.

In upcoming years, the diesel standards become stricter.

Starting in 2014, diesel vehicles would need to be retrofitted with diesel emission control devices unless they meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emission standards without the devices.

The emission standards become tougher again in 2017 and 2020 under Daley's proposal, though companies could apply for waivers.

Fines of $5,000 per day could be assessed against contractors -- up to $50,000 for each piece of equipment -- for failing to comply with the diesel emission standards.

Daley's plan is scheduled to be assigned to the City Council Energy Committee. The mayor leaves office May 16, so if approved, the ordinance would apply to contracts issues under Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel.

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