Widespread flu reported in Illinois

Posted: 2/7/2011

From FOX Chicago:

Doctors say if you're feeling a little under the weather -- it may be time to think about a flu shot. This year, cases have been so bad, patients are ending up in the hospital.

Flu season runs from November to April, and that means most of us aren't out of the woods just yet.

We can go out and try some over the counter products, but doctors said they don't work like a flu shot.

The doctor said this year's influenza is not worse than what it was last year, but over the past couple of weeks, more patients have been showing up in the emergency rooms complaining of flu-like symptoms.

Illinois is one of eleven states where the seasonal illness is widespread across the state. Nationwide, four children have died in the past month.

Doctors said the strain they're seeing this year is a more common flu virus, and some cases are mixed with the H1N1 flu bug that claimed killed children and the elderly a couple of years ago.

"This strain this year is less virulent less different than H1N1 was when it first came out," said Dr. Stephen Sokalski of Christ Advocate Hospital. "It's still the same H1N1, but so many children have acquired it and so many children have been vaccinated against it, that they're protected this year."

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