Chicago health officials praise anti-smoking rules

Posted: 6/22/2010

From The Associated Press:

CHICAGO - Health officials in Chicago are lauding federal regulations taking effect Tuesday that limit tobacco marketing to kids.

The Family Smoking and Prevention act includes new restrictions on the sale and promotion of tobacco. Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin says the reforms end decades of tobacco industry deceit and targeting children.

The regulations include larger health warnings on smokeless tobacco. They also require stores to place tobacco products behind the counter, and ban cigarette marketing terms such as "light," ''mild," and "low-tar."

Dr. Bechara Choucair of Chicago's public health department notes that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death. He says the act will help persuade people to avoid cigarettes and to quit smoking.

Joel Africk at the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago says the regulations will save lives.

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For more information on these regulations, view Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago's press release