Skyline Plunge! Chicago May 2012 Photos

May 5 & 6, 2012

Below is a preview of select photos from Skyline Plunge! Chicago May 2012. Daring participants rappelled 27 stories down theWit Hotel to raise funds and awareness for Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago's local lung disease research and programs. To learn more or register for the next Skyline Plunge! Chicago on September 8, 2012, visit the official Skyline Plunge! website.

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All of the photos from Skyline Plunge! Chicago May 2012 are available through Respiratory Health Association's SnapFish page, sorted by event date and time of rappel. To view all of the photos, visit the galleries below:


If you would like digital files of any pictures free of charge, email the file names you would like to Jennie: