Health Fairs

Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago receives many requests from organizations seeking our participation in health fairs. In order to best serve our community, we provide our What You Need to Know educational series. You may view and download the appropriate fact sheets free of charge.

Staff Attendance
Please note that Respiratory Health Association cannot provide a staff person to attend your health fair, but we are happy to supply you with appropriate materials.

Download Materials for Free
Respiratory Health Association has been dedicated to community lung health since 1906. We are pleased to provide our lung health educational series, What You Need to Know, which are valuable education sheets in English and Spanish in a wide variety of lung health topics.

If you do not have access to copiers, please fill out the Health Fair Request Form three to four weeks in advance of your event. After receiving your request, we will mail materials directly to you. It is our policy to provide you one health fair packet with 100 lung health educational flyers for a $5 processing fee. Additional fees will be charged for quantities greater than one packet.

Employee Health

Are you interested in learning about how your company can improve employee health? We offer a variety of programs through our Leaders for Lung Health program; including a comprehensive tobacco treatment program, Courage to Quit, a brown bag lunch educational series on a variety of lung health topics and an influenza prevention program. For more information, contact Doreen Minnice at 312-628-0201.