March 2013

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March E-news: Steps to a Healthier Future

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Hustle Up the Hancock raises more than $1.1 million

Hustle climber
Hustle t-shirt
Hustle team

On February 24, more than 4,000 climbers participated in our 16th annual Hustle Up the Hancock. We are proud to report that we surpassed our $1 million fundraising goal! Thank you to our climbers and everyone who helped support our lung disease research and programs. Start gathering your team together now for Hustle 2014! Lung Health Champion registration will open on October 15.

View photos from the event or support a climber.

Cigarette tax increase will save lives

On March 1, a $1 per-pack-cigarette tax increase went into effect in Cook County. Young people are very sensitive to price increases, and this increase is estimated to keep 18,000 young people from becoming smokers. The tax was implemented a few months after the state's cigarette tax was also increased by $1. City, county and state cigarette taxes are now $6.67 combined, and a pack may cost as much as $11.

Learn more about our tobacco control efforts.

Asthma educators prepare health professionals for AE-C

Asthma educators workshopOn February 27 and 28, we hosted our annual Certified Asthma Educator Preparatory workshop, an intensive continuing education opportunity for health professionals. More than 45 nurses, respiratory therapists and others prepared for the examination through lectures, case studies, small group discussions and hands-on trainings.

Email Tracy to be notified about next year's workshop.

Get your vaccination questions answered

New recommendations have been made for women who are pregnant and who need to receive the Tdap vaccine for pertussis, or whooping cough. Pertussis is a highly contagious respiratory infection, and Illinois had a higher number of reported cases in 2012 compared to previous years. All pregnant women should be vaccinated against pertussis, preferably between 27 and 36 weeks of gestation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers more information about this and other tools to stay healthy.

Learn more at their website.

Get Involved: State Lung Health Education Day

Lung Health Education Day attendees
Lung Health Education Day attendees
Lung Health Education Day attendees

Make a difference on April 17 by joining Respiratory Health Association staff and volunteers in Springfield, Ill., to educate decision-makers about lung health issues. This free event includes transportation from Chicago to the capitol and lunch at the Governor's Mansion. We'll also give you training on how to share your story and make your voice heard!

Register today on our website.