July 2011

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From the CEO

Dear Readers,

Respiratory Health Association's mission is to promote healthy lungs and fight lung disease through research, advocacy and education. We're able to provide support for people living with lung disease and their loved ones thanks to our wonderful staff, our committed volunteers and our generous donors.

This month, we're taking the opportunity to highlight recent research, advocacy and education wins to remind you all what your volunteerism and fundraising dollars are capable of achieving.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support.

Joel J. Africk
President and CEO

Researching asthma

Dr. Singh PhotoWith the Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation, we awarded a research grant to Dr. Anne Marie Singh at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Singh hopes to find interventions to prevent asthma.

Many children wheeze at a young age, but not all children who wheeze will develop asthma. Dr. Singh works with children who are too young to have been diagnosed or who have not yet received a positive diagnosis.

For the study, she reviews the children's medical histories and takes a blood sample to find immune markers, allergic antibodies and other responses to triggers. She looks for commonalities among children who eventually develop asthma, such as similar immune responses or antibody levels.

At this point, Dr. Singh has enrolled 30 children and may have found a connection between regulatory T-cells, which control immune responses, in the development of asthma.

Educating through events

Cruise photoOn June 21, more than 525 people living with COPD, their caretakers and pulmonary rehabilitation staff joined us aboard the Spirit of Chicago and The Odyssey for our eighth annual Cruising with COPD.

Cruising with COPD draws folks from across Chicagoland to enjoy an afternoon on Lake Michigan with lunch, raffles and other entertainment. The event raises awareness for COPD and is a way for people living with the disease to get out and about with people who share their experiences. For the event, the ships are specially equipped with COPD-related medical necessities, such as oxygen tanks, and we provide wheelchair assistance for anyone who requires it.

This year's event featured special guest emcee Roz Varon from ABC7 Chicago news!

Learn more about COPD and see photos from the event.

Advocating for clean air

Earlier this month, the United States Environmental protection Agency (EPA) finalized the Cross-state Air Pollution Rule, which will slash pollution from 180 coal-fired plants across the eastern half of the country.

The pollutants that are specifically being limited are sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which burn lung tissue and cause asthma attacks, bronchitis cases, heart attacks, strokes premature deaths. This rule is expected to prevent 400,000 asthma attacks each year and save up to 34,000 lives each year!

This rule went through with the support of Respiratory Health Association and our advocates. In August 2010, CowaLUNGa rider Weeks Ringle testified in support (then called the Clean Air Transport Rule) at a hearing in Chicago. And, as always, there is more to be done to clean up the coal pollution in Chicago and abroad.

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The tour starts at Gurnee Mills Shopping Mall on Saturday, August 6. On the first day, riders cover 65 miles to William's Bay. The second day covers another 65 miles and ends in Whitewater. The last leg of the ride covers 60 miles and the finish line is in Hubertus, Wisconsin.

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