August 2011

Back to school with asthma

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Back to school with asthma

Thanks to legislation Respiratory Health Association sponsored last year, children with asthma may carry and administer their quick-relief asthma inhalers at school with a note from a parent or guardian – a doctor’s note is no longer necessary.

What you should do:
  • Contact your child's school before classes begin to receive a copy of the necessary paperwork 
  • Sign a consent form
  • Save the prescription label from your child’s inhaler to give to the school

To ensure your child’s school is versed in the new legislation, begin your discussion with the school nurse. Our staff members are available to speak with any schools or parents who would like more information regarding the legislation and how it impacts you. Contact Marc Rosen at (312) 628-0229 or via email at

Protect your family from the flu

The flu season is approaching, and while you may feel healthy, now is the time to protect yourself and family members. This year, add a family trip for flu vaccinations to your list of back to school preparations.

The virus spreads quickly and is often contracted by breathing it in or touching something that carries it. Although anyone can contract the flu virus, certain groups - many of whom you interact with day-to-day - are more likely to face complications from it. These groups include children, women who are pregnant, people 50 years of age and older and people with chronic medical conditions such as lung disease. Anyone who comes in contact with these groups is encouraged to be vaccinated.

To set up an appointment to arrange a clinic for your workplace, community center or social organization, contact Doreen Minnice, RN, BSN at (312) 628-0201 or via email at

Visit our Flu Clinics page for a list of our community flu sites.


Our supporters' stories

From biking 190 miles to rappelling 278 feet over State and Lake Streets, Respiratory Health Association's special events offer a variety of adventures this summer and fall. And it's thanks to supporters that we're able to host these events and raise funds and awareness for our education, advocacy and research programs.

Ed Martin

Ed Martin CowaLUNGaA recently retired Naval officer, Ed Martin stays active by biking, and in honor of his father, Edward Martin, he participated in the CowaLUNGa Bike Tour Aug. 6. Ed's father passed away 15 years ago from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). But, before he died, he was able to make one last trip to his son's change of command ceremony in Norfolk, Va. "My father seemed to be focused on a mission," Ed said. "He would say, ‘This disease will kill me, but it's not going to beat me.' " Read Ed's full story.

Monique Howard

Monique Howard family photoMonique Howard will go to new lengths in honor of her son Carter by rappelling 27 stories of theWit Hotel as part of Skyline Plunge! Chicago Sept. 17 and 18. As a young child with asthma, Carter has been to the ER many times and hospitalized twice. "My family is so blessed because we have a lot of access to healthcare, but I know there are people with less access or healthcare that is not as good," Monique said. "I wanted to do this because Respiratory Health Association supports asthma research and provides education for those less fortunate." Read Monique's full story.

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Get Involved: Hike for Lung Health!

Join Respiratory Health Association and 12 other lung health charities on Sunday, September 25 at 10 a.m. for the fifth annual Hike for Lung Health in Chicago's Lincoln Park. Teams of families, friends and coworkers walk one or three miles around the park and enjoy an afternoon of activities to raise funds and awareness for lung health. We also offer a virtual walker option so that people can track their miles in pulmonary rehabilitation and still enjoy the experience!

For more information or to register, visit the official Hike for Lung Health site.

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