April e-newsletter

Respiratory Health Association's e-newsletter is published monthly and contains news of our happenings, program updates and links to lung health resources. This month's issue includes:

Smoke-free acts promote public health

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Recognizing National Public Health Week

 Fight Asthma Now
Fight Asthma Now helps children manage their asthma. 

Every first week of April, American Public Health Association places the spotlight on National Public Health Week. For Respiratory Health Association, it's a time to recognize how we can decrease the number of people affected by preventable diseases or improve the lives of people living with lung disease. You can help us spread the word about programs that work to prevent lung disease (such as our Courage to Quit program) or improve the quality of life for people living with lung disease (such as Fight Asthma Now® and Asthma Management). Tobacco control, asthma education and funding for lung disease treatments and cures are several ways we work to improve public health and would like your help.

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Smoke-free Campus Act passes in Illinois House

CollegeThe Illinois House recently passed the Smoke-free College Campus Act. Respiratory Health Association has helped lead this effort to promote safe, clean and healthy learning environments to benefit students, employees and visitors. After the Senate agrees on technical changes to the bill, it will be sent to the Governor.

Learn more about our smoke-free efforts.

'What You Need to Know' sheets address your questions

Our "What You Need to Know" series can provide educational answers to frequently asked questions as well as additional information about how to manage your or a loved one's lung disease. These one-sheet resources are not a supplement for a health care professional's advice, but will help you better understand what's needed to live your best life possible. We've recently updated our COPD "What You Need to Know" sheets, and have informational resources for many other lung health topics, as well.

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The e-cigarette discussion continues

At IssueBeginning April 29, e-cigarettes will be regulated as tobacco products in Chicago and included in the Clean Air Act. Even with this new ordinance approved, e-cigarette use is still a hot topic. Our President and CEO Joel Africk joined WBBM's At Issue last week to discuss e-cigarettes and why we believe they should be treated like tobacco.

Read our e-cigarette "What You Need to Know" sheet.

Get Involved: United for Lung Health

         United for Lung Health        United for Lung Health       United for Lung Health 

Join us at United for Lung Health Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C., on May 7-8, 2014. United for Lung Health connects lung health advocates with the decision makers who can enact change. Advocates come from across the country to share their perspectives, and the collective voices make a difference in the lives of people living with lung disease. Your $125 registration fee includes participation in the program, training, resources to share with legislators, and some meals.

Click here to find out how to sign up.

Lung Power Team