April 2013

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April E-news: Lung Health's Past and Future

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Respiratory Health Association recognizes World TB Day

World TB Day speakers

Speakers discussed
TB successes.

At the turn of the 20th century, tuberculosis was one of the nation's leading health threats. As TB began to respond to drug therapies in the 1940s, the seriousness of the threat diminished, but it has never gone away completely. On March 22, we hosted an event to recognize World TB Day. Speakers acknowledged some of our local successes in reducing TB in Chicago and Cook County. They also reminded us that TB is still a major health threat to many people, particularly in some lesser developed parts of the world and to those who are immunosuppressed.

Find out more information about TB.

Allergy season will be longer, stronger

PollenAllergists are predicting a longer, stronger allergy season this year, which can be especially problematic for people living with asthma. When a person has allergies, the immune system overreacts to a trigger or allergen. Allergens such as pollen and mold can trigger asthma attacks. To stay safe during allergy season, people living with asthma and allergies should stay inside on days with high pollen counts, keep their windows and doors closed, clean their air conditioning filters regularly, and get rid of outdoor allergens by showering immediately after being outside.

For more tips, read our "Asthma and Triggers" sheet. 

Support the future of lung health

Donate screenshotSupporting healthy lungs just got easier with our new online donation system. Now, you have a simpler way to help fund educational programs, tobacco cessation courses, research and more. You also have the option to make a memorial or tribute gift or to make reoccurring donations in the fight against lung disease. Log on just once and choose the donation schedule that works for you. Thank you for helping us make a difference in lung health year-round! 

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Get Involved: Lung Power Team 

Lunger Power Team
Lunger Power Team
Lunger Power Team

Are you looking for a spot in the Chicago Marathon and for a way to support Respiratory Health Association? Reach both of your goals by joining our Lung Power Team! The team has reserved, open spots in the otherwise sold out Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Run in honor or in memory of a loved one and raise awareness and funds for our work. As a part of our team, you'll receive free training and other perks. You can also join us if you're already registered for the marathon or another race of your choice and want to support our mission!

For more information or to register, go to the Lung Power Team website.