Tobacco-free Hospital Campuses

In Chicago, Weiss Memorial Hospital, Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, Roseland Community Hospital, and Thorek are all planning to implement tobacco-free hospital policies in the coming months. Nationwide, more than 2,700 state hospitals, healthcare systems and clinics have tobacco- free campus grounds.

Smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke are the nation's leading causes of preventable death and diseases such as lung cancer, COPD and heart disease. Moreover, smokeless tobacco products are known to cause cancer, oral health problems and nicotine addiction. On hospital campuses specifically, tobacco-free environments:
  • Reduce exposure to the health hazards of smoking and improved health of patients, employees and visitors
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Increase credibility of hospitals as an advocate and role model for healthy lifestyles
  • Lead to higher smoking cessation among patients
  • Decrease employee smoking prevalence and lower direct and indirect costs, including additional health care and insurance costs, lost productivity, absenteeism, property damage and maintenance costs
The Chicago Tobacco Prevention Project offers services to hospitals that pledge to go tobacco-free campus-wide. Services include:
  • Technical assistance with policy language development and implementation planning
  • Materials including signage and literature
  • Development of a site-specific cessation campaign to direct patients and employees to cessation resources



Tobacco-Free Hospital Campuses
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