Groups Work To Raise Awareness And Research Funding For Lung Cancer

Posted: 11/21/2011

From WDCB Public Radio:

There are months to bring attention to breast cancer...prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer. This month advocacy groups put the spotlight on the leading cancer killer of both men and women...lung cancer. Joel Africk is President ofthe Chicago based Respiratory Health Association. He says there isn't a need to raise awareness for the severity of lung cancer...but he says public health agencies haven't put a priority on research. Africk tells WDCB News research funding can offer hope. He says there are new research areas being investigated in the United States and around the world but he says researchers need more funding to create the promise for the treatments of tomorrow. One of the goals of Lung Cancer Awareness month is to put pressure on Congress and others to dedicate new money to research. The Respiratory Health Association also wants to move the discussion beyond smoking...Africk says people are often surprised to learn 20 percent of women with lung cancer never smoked.

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