Asthma Management for School Staff

Online Training Helps School Staff Meet State Requirement

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In collaboration with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), Respiratory Health Association developed an online training that highlights appropriate emergency response procedures as well as Illinois polices that apply to asthma management in schools.

The program helps schools meet compliance with Public Act 99-0843, passed last year at RHA's urging, which requires Illinois school districts to:

•  Have an asthma episode emergency response protocol
•  Ensure school staff receive asthma management training every two years
•  Every year, request an Asthma Action Plan from students with documented asthma


  • How to manage asthma in a school setting
  • Asthma triggers and how to prevent asthma symptoms in a school-setting
  • Asthma medication and proper inhaler technique
  • Asthma warning signs and how to respond during an asthma emergency


This training is intended for all school staff including administrators, school nurses, classroom teachers, case managers, counselors, health clerks, physical education teachers, health teachers, office clerks, etc.

You can access the online Asthma Management for School Staff training here.

The training takes approximately one hour to complete.

Asthma Management Training at Your School

RHA can deliver our Asthma Management training program in person to your school staff. Contact Amy O'Rourke via email or at 312-628-0217 for more information.