Asthma Action Plans

An asthma action plan is a written document developed by a healthcare provider and a parent/guardian of a child who has asthma. The plan outlines the steps that should be taken to prevent and handle an asthma episode, and it can be a life-saving tool. The asthma action plan should be individualized for each person with asthma. By planning ahead and using an asthma action plan, you will know what to do during an episode.

An asthma action plan should include:
  • appropriate use of medications (control and reliever)
  • what actions to take when child is having symptoms of asthma or a low peak flow reading
  • signs of an asthma attack
  • when to seek emergency care
  • provide emergency contact information

Click on the links for asthma action plans in English and Spanish:
Asthma Action Plan for ages 0-5
   (En Español)
Asthma Action Plans for ages 5+ (En Español)

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