Regional Patient Advocacy Leaders Summit

On October 16, Respiratory Health Association hosted a Regional Patient Advocacy Leaders Summit at University Center in Chicago titled "Health Insurance Marketplaces, Essential Benefits and Chronic Disease: Enhancing Advocacy Strategies." Advocacy leaders from across the region attended to take advantage of the opportunity to discuss a broad scope of issues related to the Summit's topic. Speakers at the Summit focused on chronic disease prevention and treatment and discussed strategies related to marketplace education and enrollment, concerns regarding coverage for essential services, tools and tactics to engage community advocates and improving health outcomes by creating community linkages to services considered "non-essential." This conference was a collaborative effort between Respiratory Health Association, EverThrive Illinois (formerly the Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition), Illinois Public Health Institute, National Alliance on Mental Illness of Greater Chicago, and GlaxoSmithKline, Patient Advocacy Leaders Summit (PALS), with funding made possible by GlaxoSmithKline.

Please click here for the Summit agenda.

PALS Chicago 2013 Presentations

Senator Dan Kotowski, Representative Laura Fine,
Respiratory Health Association President and CEO
Joel Africk
  Mike Cohen, Chair, National Patient Advocacy Leadership Summit Advisory Board

You may view the presenters' Powerpoint presentation topics below. To request a copy of a presentation, please contact:

Jennie Szink

Introduction: PALS
Mike Cohen, Chair, National Patient Advocacy Leadership Summit Advisory Board

Connecting Communities to Coverage
Kathy Chan, Associate Director/Director of Policy and Advocacy, EverThrive Illinois, formerly Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition

The Affordable Car Act: Implementation in Illinois
Stephanie Altman, Health & Disabilities Advocacy

Chronic Disease Prevention and Mental Health
Eileen Durkin, Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4)  

Skill Building: Geographic Information Systems or GIS
Peter Haas, Center for Neighborhood Technology

Advocates in Collaboration: Tools & Tactics to Engage the Community
Brian Urbaszewski and Matt Maloney, Respiratory Health Association 

Aligning Efforts to Improve Population Health and Prevention
Elissa Bassler, Illinois Public Health Institute  

Creating Community Linkages to Access Non-Essential Services
Karen Batia, Heartland Health Outreach, Inc.