About RHA

Dedicated to Community Lung Health Since 1906

Respiratory Health Association has been a public health leader in metropolitan Chicago since 1906. Today, we address asthma, COPD, lung cancer, tobacco control and air quality with a comprehensive approach involving research, education and advocacy activities.

Our mission

Respiratory Health Association's mission is to prevent lung disease, promote clean air and help people live better through education, research, and policy change.

Our work

Our research program funds local researchers as they study predictors, develop treatments, and seek cures for lung diseases including asthma, COPD and lung cancer. We also host a number of educational events for health care providers and convene advisory councils for lung cancer and COPD to share new information and address community lung health concerns.

In our work with schools, childcare providers, community organizations and local businesses, we educate people about asthma management strategies, offer flu vaccinations and provide smoking cessation counseling. Our wide range of community partnerships is fundamental to the success of our education initiatives.

To supplement community-based research and programming efforts, Respiratory Health Association advocates for lung-friendly polices throughout Chicago, Illinois and the United States. With the help of community volunteers, the organization has been influential in passing legislation for smoke-free environments, limiting the deadly air pollution generated by power plants and diesel vehicles, and protecting the right of children to carry life-saving asthma inhalers at school.

Respiratory Health Association carries on many of its activities in concert with partners and coalitions at the local, state and national levels. Respiratory Health Association is a proud partner of the BREATHE AMERICA™ Alliance, a group of independent lung health organizations around the United States who collaborate on projects to advance lung health. For more information about BREATHE AMERICA™ Alliance, please visit: http://www.ggbreathe.org/breathe-america/.

Our work is supported by the generous donations and sponsorship of people, businesses and foundations from across Chicagoland and beyond. We are deeply grateful for our supporters' charitable gifts that enable us to deliver a sustainable plan for local research, advocacy and education efforts to support people living with lung disease and promote healthy lungs. The generosity of our supporters allows us to address challenging issues today as we prepare to face new obstacles in the future. For more information about making a gift to Respiratory Health Association, visit our donation page, or for information about making a charitable gift that may provide your family some financial benefit through a planned gift, visit our planned giving page featuring details about our Lung Health Benefactors Society. 

Special recognition: 2014 Healthy Chicago Award

In March, Chicago Department of Public Health presented Respiratory Health Association with a 2014 Healthy Chicago Award. The awards were given to 15 community partners to recognize their contributions in advancing the city's five-year strategic public health plan, Healthy Chicago. We were recognized for our continuing work in tobacco control and prevention, including increasing the price of cigarettes, which is proven to decrease the smoking rate, keeping e-cigarettes out of the hands of youth and restricting the sale of menthol products within 500 feet of schools.

Special recognition: 2011 Edward R. Loveland Memorial Award

Respiratory Health Association was the 2011 recipient of the American College of Physicians' prestigious Edward R. Loveland Memorial Award. The award comes as recognition for Respiratory Health Association's work to support people living with lung disease through research, advocacy and education.

The award is given yearly to an individual or organization for a distinguished contribution in the health field. Respiratory Health Association was recognized for its commitment to community lung health over the past 100 years, and specifically their efforts on smoke-free legislation, asthma education and COPD awareness.

Past winners of the Loveland Award include the Centers for Disease Control (1984), The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (1976), The American Cancer Society (1974) and the National Institutes of Health (1972).

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